Hotel Art & Hotel in Bergamo (Stezzano) is a big hotel you can use.

Art & Hotel in Bergamo has a lot of facilities. There is a spa, gym, bar, outdoor area. There is even a huge shop in the back of the building that allow you to purchase everything you need without any hard effort. They have dedicated parkinglots outside, and also parking inside in the basement. It is very short walk to the train station, that we like very much. There is a 24 Hour resepsjonist that watch the door and counter. Such a grate hotel, the only thing we find missing is quality. It do not matter for us as the users reprepsentative how many rooms there are in the hotel, or how big the gym is if we belive it is low quality for the induvidual user. The bottom line is that it does not matter for the experience of the hotel user if there are 99 other rooms with clean bedsheets if your bedsheet is NOT clean.
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Not the best we have tested.


Read the full hotel review below, and why find out why we came to our conclusion. Our review is based on our experience on the day/time we visited the place. It is also based on the factors we believe are important. It involves the use of discretion, but it is meant to help you make good choices.


We tried this hotel. It's alright, but it could have been improved.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect at the hotel. The things that cannot be found are marked with “X”, what is available is marked with “V”


The price was OK.



Some events brought the average down.


Cleanliness and tidiness

Dirty bed sheets, improper curtain, dirty walls, broken shower set, nearly clogged pipes.



Proximity to the train station means a lot, but this is quite far from the center of Bergamo

Hotel Art & hotel in Bergamo (Stezzano) summary

This hotel in Bergamo has a huge potential to become a very good hotel. That is telling. SPA, fitness centre, car park both inside and outside. There is a bar, cozy common area inside. There is an outdoor area with chairs so you can sit and enjoy the nice weather when it arrives. The shop at the back of the building is very good, so you can buy whatever you need if you are traveling on the next day.
Having said that, it is not acceptable to let some guests party late into the night, when there is noise in between the rooms.
It is not possible to put on bed linen with stains. Presumably it is washed and clean, but you must not put on bed linen with ugly stains. The same actually applies to walls and interior surfaces. It must be clean and neat, it was lacking to a certain extent.
Furthermore, the drain to the shower was almost fully clogged. So that while showering it becomes a basin that you stand in. The shower was also washed quite simply, and it did not help the impression when the shower set was not in proper condition.
The breakfast was OK, there were cold eggs. The coffee was super good.

A few things to sort...

We were asked to bring cash to pay for the stay. When we came to pick up the passport and the receipt for the payment that had been made, the receptionist, obviously did not like us asking about the receipt.
He went around behind the counter and wondered how he was going to make a receipt.
After about 15 to 20 minutes we said that “we need a receipt to keep accounts of where the money goes”.
He seemed to understand. Then the receipt came out of the printer within a couple of minutes.
It’s not very impressive looking from this customer’s side of the counter.