Hotel Albergo Bernini in Siena

Hotel Albergo Bernini, located in the beautiful city of Siena in Toscana, is a great choice for travelers who are looking for an affordable accommodation option without having to sacrifice on comfort and convenience. With only nine rooms, the hotel offers an intimate and personalized experience for its guests.From our investigation through books and online reviews, we can confidently recommend Hotel Bernini based on our discoveries. Its location is a highlight, being situated in the heart of Siena and close to many of the city's major tourist attractions. The hotel also offers great value for money, with reasonable prices and comfortable rooms that are equipped with all the necessary amenities.While we have not personally tested the hotel, we trust the positive reviews and feedback from other travelers who have stayed there. Guests have praised the hotel for its cleanliness, friendly staff and comfortable beds.Overall, if you are looking for an affordable and comfortable accommodation option in Siena, Hotel Albergo Bernini is definitely worth considering. Its prime location and good value for money make it an ideal choice for those looking to explore the beauty of Toscana without breaking the bank.

Bernini in Siena; Review based on reviews

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A Good hotel in Siena


Because we have not visited the hotel ourselves, yet, the review will be somewhat truncated. Read about the amenities under the pictures.

NOT tested , STILL recommend.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect at the hotel. The things that cannot be found are marked with “X”, what is available is marked with “V”.