Hotel Abner's a beauty by the sea

After traveling in Italy for a long time in 2018, we wanted to take it easy for a few days and relax before returning home. We had no return ticket, so our stay at Abner's Hotel was quite spontaneous. It had a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. The building is probably old, but it has been refurbished and renewed. The hotel is located right by the sea where you can rent a sunbed, go to the beach bar, or enjoy lazy days by the swimming pool. Kicking off your shoes and walking on the sandy beach right outside the hotel adds to the atmosphere. Combined with the quality, and most importantly, the friendly staff who take care of you personally by answering questions and helping whenever necessary, Hotel Abner's comes highly recommended by us.
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A beach hotel you can trust in Rimini


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We have tested this hotel and recommend it warmly.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect at the hotel. The things that cannot be found are marked with “X”, what is available is marked with “V”


The price we found were grate



Polite, well dressed, knowledgeable and accurate


Cleanliness and tidiness

Really nice and tidy



This is a beach hotel. Rimini is not very sentral.

Hotel Adèsso in Rome summary

The hotel has good views from most rooms. There are balconies that give you the opportunity to breathe fresh air and enjoy the view, maybe have a snack or a glass of newly pressed juice. You can have hotel views towards different directions in this hotel. Our room was quite small as we don’t need more space, yet even though the room we had was among the most affordable, it had a great view, balcony and good bed. We don’t travel to Italy to opener, but I think they have acquired one now as the kitchen must be functional.