Hotel Astoria in Bologna

Hotel Astoria in Bologna is a great choice for travelers looking for good value for money and a central location. Although we have not personally tested the hotel, our review is based on research and investigation in books and online resources. Located in the heart of Bologna, this hotel offers comfortable and clean rooms with essential amenities. The hotel is close to major attractions like the main square and the famous leaning tower of Bologna. The staff is friendly and accommodating, always available to help guests in any way they can. There is also plenty of good restaurants, cafes and shops nearby. The hotel includes a varied breakfast buffet, which includes both sweet and savory options as well as hot and cold beverages. Guests can also avail themselves of free Wi-Fi access, making it easy to keep in touch with family, friends or colleagues when on the go. Overall, we can recommend Hotel Astoria in Bologna as a great choice for visitors looking for a central and convenient location, comfortable rooms, great staff and good value for money.

Hotel Astoria in Bologna ; Review based on reviews

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Good hotel sentral in Bologna


Because we have not visited the hotel ourselves, yet, the review will be somewhat truncated. Read about the amenities under the pictures.

NOT tested , STILL recommend.

Here is a quick overview of what you can expect at the hotel. The things that cannot be found are marked with “X”, what is available is marked with “V”