Hotel Pace in Sirmione by Lake Garda, Italy

Hotel Pace in Sirmione

This is a review of Hotel Pace in Sirmione, by Lake Garda in Italy. We stayed there in April 2022. This is our experience with the hotel.

Getting to Sirmione.

Since we did our travel by train from Milan and we went off the train at Peschiera del Garda, train station and took a taxi from there. A taxi there is about 30 euro from the train station to the entrence to Sirmione. You can order your taxi here, to make sure there is a taxi waiting for you. You will normally not get lift all the way to the Hotel Pace, due to the senter of the town is having alot of narrow streets and the town is not really made for cars. From the gates of Sirmione there is a short walk thru the town to get to Hotel Pace. Order taxi here.

Hotel Pace is a 3 star hotel, in Sirmione, Italy.

The hotel is fitting into the charming town of Sirmione, It is in the midst of the town at the peninsula. With very charming and induvidually decorated rooms. The floors are wooden floors or tiles. This reasure clean rooms compared to hotels with carpets.

The bathrooms, can be newly renovated, some of them tend to be older but the one we had, was a newly renovated “pent house”- room with a view over the pir. The bathroom picture below is from the room we got.

Every room is decorated with personal charm. The room we had, big sirkular windows that really made the room stand out. The view was also stunning, one can lye in bed and look at the adorable Garda lake.

It is worth to mention that the brakefast is a good Italian Breakfast included in the room we had.

Reguarding price; the hotel prices change alot during season and non season. A room in the low season might be about 60 Euro and in high season it can be about 120 Euro and up.

Check price and availability here. would rank Hotel Pace as a really nice place to stay, the 3 star hotel could might as well been 4 star hotel.

Sirmione is a peninsula and is a fascinating place to visit. It is clear that this fascination has also been found among people for generations. There are old castles located and ruins. Sirmione is a very popular place to visit in Itaia. The small peninsula has thermal baths, and a rich culture and history you should get a taste of when in Italy.