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Weekend in Florence

Discover Florence's Treasures: 2-Day Itinerary.

Are you planning to travel to Florence for a weekend trip? Though two days is not enough time to explore all the attractions, we've narrowed down the essentials for you. There's so much to see, and each tourist destination never disappoints. Here are two days of things you must see in Florence. (NB! this is a busy itinerary, if you split the route to only do some of the things then that is OK too.)

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We assume you will arrive in Florence by plane or train, and your journey will start from there (Florence center), in the morning of the first day. If it is a weekend trip, this will be on a Saturday. If you are landing in other parts of Italy, you can take a high-speed train to Florence in the evening. However, remember that high-speed trains stop running around midnight, so you need to schedule your arrival accordingly. This is why we suggest starting your journey in the morning of the first day affter arrival (f. eks. friday). We also have to mention that this tour fits well with the 5 day itinerary.

Day 1 in Florence:

– Early morning, the first stop is the Dumo group. It includes the beautiful Baptistry doors and even a climb up to the cupola.
– The next stop should be the Piazza della Signoria, famous for its incredible sculptures on display.
– From there, head over to the Piazza del Vecchio, which features a town-hall style building.
– As you head down to the river, don’t forget to check out the Ponte Vecchio, a historic bridge with jewelry shops.
– After lunch, explore the Boboli Garden, which is a beautiful garden filled with sculptures and fountains.
– Be sure to stop by the world-renowned Uffizi Gallery with its collection of art that includes Botticelli’s famous “La Primavera” and “The Birth of Venus.”

Day 2:

– Start your day by visiting the Santa Croce, a beautiful and religious site containing the tombs of famous Renaissance artists and writers.
– Next stop should be the Ill Bargello, which is home to incredible sculptures and is one of the oldest buildings in Florence.
– Later in the afternoon, visit the Church of Santa Maria Novella, which is famous for its artwork and beautifully painted frescoes.
– To cap off your two-day trip, hop on the bus number 12 from the railway station(S.M.N) to see the San Miniato al Monte with its scenic views of Florence and a marble horoscope.

Florence is a city full of cultural and artistic attractions. We guarantee that you won’t regret visiting even for a weekend trip. Our advice is to book a guided tour to enjoy these beautiful attractions to the fullest. We hope you make the most of your trip to Florence and bring back unforgettable memories!

Day One: Efficient and Relaxing Day in Florence.

“Must-see in Florence”: two-day travel plan for Florence requires efficiency. Go to Santa Maria del Fiore. Admire the wonderful construction and the dome designed by Brunelleschi. The tickets we have found for you cover most of the plan for day one, but not Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, and Piazza del Vecchio. You can investigate these on your own. (see the map)

On day two: Explore Florence and appreciate its beauty

On day two, begin at Santa Croce. You might want to consider purchasing a guided tour. Next, head to Il Bargello to appreciate the sculptures. In the afternoon, visit the Galleria dell’Accademia, followed by Santa Maria Novella to see biblical images. To get to San Minato al Monte, take Bus 12 from the bus station.

Don't forget the schedule.

This quick weekend trip is just a preview of what you can enjoy in Florence and Tuscany. We suggest you explore more of this beautiful area. This two-day tour can also fit into our longer five-day itineraries, this will add up to a 7 day plan if you please. It’s a lovely and romantic experience. Whether you’re staying longer or this is the end of your tour, we hope you had a good time.

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