Weekend trip to Rome (Summary) 20. – 22. January 2023

Arrival at the hotel in Tiburtina, Rome.

The weekend trip to Rome started by entering the plane, it was a KLM fligh via Amsterdam to Rome. 

We got to the hotel in Tiburtina a bit later than expekted. We wished for reaching the last direkt train to Tiburtina. Instead we had to use the train to Rome Termini from Fiumicino, and from Rome Termini we used the metro. To get tho the Hotel Adèsso using the subway from Rome Termini do this: 

1. Purchase ticket for the subway. (we bougth 48 hour ticket).

2. Go to “Line B” (blue) make sure the metro is going in the direction of Rebibbia or Jonio.  PS!! If you go on the metro train to Jonio, make sure to go off at Bolonga station and wait for the one to Rebibbia. Prefearably wait for the correkt metro train to Rebbibbia and go off the metro train at Tiburtina Station.

3. when you get up from the Metro in Tiburtina you will be aproxemently where it is marked with a green X on the map (to the right). Google maps (blue dottted line in the map)  won’t show you the fastest way, from our experience.

If you come from the train station you can follow the red dotted line.

This is far easier than following the rute of google maps. Maybe Google ajust it in the future, but from our experience this was a bit confusing in the dark.

Arriving the hotel was a nice experience, beautyful lights, nice design and very kind resepsjonist.  Read more about it in the review of the hotel.

For full review of Hotel Adessò in Rome:

Day 2; Rome awaits

St. Peter's Basilica

Due to the late arrival the day before, we decided to only go for St. Peter’s dome and entering the basilica. Instead of doing the guided tour, as planned originaly.
Again we used the Metro to get to the Vatican. Using “line A” (Orange)  went off at the station “Ottaviano” . Then it is just a short walk to get to Vatican.
The pictures under are taken by Gotoitaly.com the inside of theese buildings are so stunning that it is not possible to discribe neither with words or with pictures. This is about the best we can do whit a camera withuot editing. But in real life it is even better.
If we were using that guided tour we had booked we could discussed more detaljes about the art pices at every corner and every wall, roof and floor of st.peter basislica.

After St.peter church it was time for a snack.

After the almost 3 hours in the St. Peter basillica it was about time to find a little snack. The choice this time was to go to Bottega Vittoria, where i had a pizza and consuming the expereience along with the pizza. The sound of birds, different languages, some traficc combinde wiht smell of food, and hint of sigarett from far away. After this i went back to Hotel Adèsso to have a rest. Before i had to hurry to reach my dinner for that evening at Sparita Roma.

The Roma Sparita dining experience.

Meals are important in Italy. When eating out at a restaurant, you have to assume the role of guest. You have to dress properly, behave nicely and come when you are supposed to. We had made an appointment and when the time came, we were called to come to the dining table which had been prepared. It was a Saturday night packed with people. the smell of delicious food, and the sound of people chatting and enjoying a nice evening with family and friends.
There were several layers of tablecloths so that it should be soft and comfortable to wear your arms while eating. Roma Sparita is known for its simple “Roma dishes” prepared with elegance. That reputation matches the experience we had. 

 – First dish was Mixed Peceroni Cheese (10 euro).

 – Second dish was Pasta carbonara (14 euro) 

 – Main dish was Chicken with tomato, peppers (13 euro)

 – Desert was Tiramisu (And i don’t recall the price, due to much wine at that time) 

It was a grate food experience, after the meal I went for a walk thru the city of Rome by nigth, on my way to the subway. I made a small photo gallery from that walk under. 

We give Roma Sparita 5 eyes on the dice.

Walking in Rome by nigh can be wonderful:

Last day of the weekend trip in Rome: Bioparco and Villa Borghese.

The benefit we have at our travel page is that we are on your side. We want to tell you the stories as we experience them that spesific day and tell the whole world. That require honesty and dedication, but nothing are going to stop us from telling our users –YOU(!)– how our experience are.  Villa Borghese was grate experience. It is a nice and calm park, happy dogs running around on open fields. The birds are “living the dream” and fly where they want to fly. Old trees, interesting building from 1500 century that contain one of the most interesting small museum in the world. Alomst the whole inventory belonged to      Scipione Borghese. He simply loved barokk art. “Canovas Pauline Bonaparte”, “the sleeping hemafroditt”, and much more. But we had chosen otherwice that day. I was exited like a kid to go to the Zoo: Bioparco Di Roma. I actually looked forward for a year, at leased. All the wonderful animal i looked forward to visit made me really exited. But there was one thing i navily did not think of. Animals and cages do not belong togeather. Some occations the animals in a zoo is there due to they have issues manage on their own. That way the zoo help them. The animals can experience stress and frustration from not beeing able to live free. There might not be anything wrong the way they are held, and fed and all, but they are simply not happy beeing emprisoned. The manager for marketing and communication Paolo Vanacore, say the park has done alot to make things better for the animals, they have even got prizes for their work. 

This may show us exctly how hard it is to run a zoo. From what i could tell the bigger animals seemed to be effected by Steriotopi.  Read more in the Review.

After some thinking, i am not sure what to reccomend. If no one come to visit the animals, the condition may get worse if economy in the zoo decline. On the other hand if there are alot of visitors, the zoo will continiue. But the zoo has been existing for hundreds of years and it wont stop in a long time. So my advice is to go if you want to see the animals, but make sure to lower the expektsations.

After i had been in the zoo, i went to the airport about 14.00 and back home. 

I was really happy about this weekend trip and started looking forward to the next one. Only thing i wish was different is that i should have had lower expektations to the zoo, but that is probably due to my low zoo expereince level.  

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