Weekend trip to Rome

Come to Rome

Weekend trip to Rome. Come along, or simply get inspired.

This Weekend trip to Rome is open for everyone to join. We plan it, and show the plan online, for you to participate. Or use it later. If you follow the plan below the price is aprox 500 euro for a weekend in Rome (From Europe). + food and personal expences. You can juggle activities and accommodation, but this is a good and exciting weekend in Rome. 

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Free plans and  itineriaries

Anyone is free to use the plans. We make a Commission when people use the pages active,  that is what “keep the light on” at our site.  That is how we can make content for you for free.

Go ahead, join us, use the information to get inspiration it do not cost you anything ekstra. But If you plan to join us at the actual trip. We would love if you could purchase one Italy item from our suvinir shop. It makes it easier for all to recognize each other.

Weekend trip to Rome. Short version

Weekend trip to Rome. Long version

Arrival day Friday 20.01.2023 at 23.10 (11.10 PM) in Rome (Fiumicino airport)

We arrive late in the evening, due to that we do not plan any activities the day of arrival.

We use the train from Fiumicino airport to Rome Tiburtina train station. Just about where the hotel is located, it is just a few minutes walk.

If you are earlier than us, you can benefit from using our page to find things to do in Rome while we still have not arrived.

Chosen hotel for this trip to Rome is...

In the trips we make to Italy, we will look for spesial hotels and places to stay. This time we found a hotel that seem to be a bit different then the mainstream hotels. Our aim is to see if we can reccomend this hotel. If it is as cool, nice and fancy as it looks. Our general opinion is that it is the staff litterly that makes the hotel. This mean that if the staff is doing good job, any hotel can be grate. This is depending on the management and how they create opertuneies for the people who do the job.

We are going to find out the hotel experience, not only pictures and visual impressions. We do not have anything to loose to give you the honest opinions. And you are free to join.

The reason why we choose Adèsso Hotel for this weekend trip was.

  • New hotel in autum 2022
  • The hotel pages claim to focus on art and design
  • Interesting location.
  • Good price
  • Good location (it lookes like)
  • Close to railway station.

Activities in Rome. Saturday 21. January.

We have choosen this tour. We do the tour at 9 in the morning. It is due to it is a group tour with up to 20 people and a “skip the line” acsess. Since it is a weekend trip to Rome we do not want to spend the time in a line.

Remember to order the group tour, unless you are into a private (more expencive) tour.

You get

  • Reserved Priority Access to the Vatican Museums
  • Guided visit of St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Access to the Sistine Chapel
  • Audio headsets so you can always hear your guide

This mean we get a good value for the money, and saving time.

Remember to bring water, arrive early, even if this is a ticket for the priority entrance, this is such a popular destination that there may even be some waiting time for those who have bought a VIP ticket.

About food in Rome​

On this trip to Rome, we have some suggestions for places to eat. This is not fully decided before departure. We might want to try the new restaurant in the new hotel. Or go to my personal favorite restaurant by the Trevi Fountain.
That’s why we put together some suggestions for posterity with some recommended places to eat in Rome.

It is not mandatory to eat with us on the tour either. You can look upon this as advices . La Pergola is probably the absolute best place to eat in Rome. You need to order in advance and dress and behave. The two things mentioned goes for all restaurantes. Eating in Italy is a serious business.

In the evening 21. Januar, we will for sure, go to Roma Sparita   because it is cosy pitoresk and have a grate location close to a huge cosy restaurant area in Rome. And I have table reservation.


L`Arcangelo has traditional Roman food, wiht extra ordernary good lunch menues.


ingredients of the highest quality. Here you get some Zabaglione liqueur with sweet biscuits to dip into.
Order a table Here

Pizzeria da Vittorio

Fun pictures on the walls og their famous guest makes it really one of the most fun pizzerias in Rome.

Pizzeria da Vittorio

Pizzeria da Vittorio is a local favorite, with pizza and antipasta.
Order a table Here

Sunday 22. January Day of our return home from Rome.

Sunday 22. januar I need to leave the hotel room at 10.00.  The flight i have home is at 5.15 PM (17.15 local time) meaning that there is still some time to enjoy in Rome before heading home.

I am going to the Zoo. It unike old Zoo in the middle of Rome: Bioparco

The Zoo is located close to the park Villa Borghese sot I will enjoy the last few hours there, Eating and around the area and go to the zoo for some fun. That park is also really close to the train station, so when you are ready to go to the airport. Just get your ticket here. Or just buy at the station.

Also check our page on free or cheap things to do in Rome. It is grate

How much do this weekend in Rome cost me?

To summarize the costs before departure. I have ordered most of them in advance through the links on the page.

– flight aprox 250 euros both ways.
– train both ways aprox 20 euros
– hotel 2 nigths 110 euros
– guided tour on Saturday 64 euros
– Bioparco ticket 18 euros

This means that you can plan a fairly reasonable weekend trip to Rome for only 462 Euros, you also have to factor in the costs of food and drink, as well as various personal consumption as needed. If you go together you may be able to share a room with your partner. In general terms, if you manage to get a plane ticket for a reasonable price, you can think 500 Euro for one great weekend in Rome.